[title text=”If New Zealand has always been on your bucket list, these are the reasons why now is the best time to visit”]

Short Flight
For Australian residents most flights to NZ are short, well priced and at convenient times.

The People
New Zealanders are friendly and happy people. Other than being the brunt of “fish and chips” “six” and “sheep jokes” most Kiwis have a great sense of humour. They are very hospitable and know the value of tourism and will help you if you are in need.

It’s Safe
New Zealand is a safe country to visit. The major cities are easy to navigate and is a great destination for solo travellers.

The Ease of Getting Around
New Zealand is a compact country, divided into two islands (north and south). Once there, getting around is relatively easy. You can fly between major cities and hiring a motor home is a popular option.

The Value Dollar
NZ is one destination in the world where the Australian Dollar is at a higher value than the local currency.

A unique culture
Experience the haka first hand , a ceremonial Māori dance made world famous by the All Blacks rugby team as their pre-game ritual. There are numerous places to experience Maori culture.

The Sheer Beauty of the Landscape & Wildlife Wonders
New Zealand is home to Stunning Fjords – the most famous being Milford Sound located in the Fjordland National Park. Many people have been enchanted by the beauty of NZ through the filming of The Lord Of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Nothing compares to viewing this landscape in person, the mountains, rugged coastlines, lakes, alpine glaciers, geysers, volcanoes. The magnificent of Franz Josef or Fox Glaciers are among the most accessible in the world a truly unique experience is to take a helicopter to the top for a guided walk onto the ice. New Zealand is also home to some fascinating wildlife, including birds that don’t know how to fly, monster marine mammals and a reptile that’s survived from dinosaur days. Swim with dolphins, take a whale-watching cruise and get up close to yellow-eyed penguins.

Award-winning Wines
The Marlborough region produces what increasingly known the world over as one of the finest Sauvignon Blancs. The dry, passionfruit infused flavors of the wine, served chilled, are perfect with fresh seafood or simply on their own, and most vineyards are open to the public with wine tastings, cellar door sales, and dining opportunities. The Marlborough region is located a four-hour drive from Christchurch, a two-and-a-half-hour ferry ride from Wellington and roughly half an hour from Blenheim airport, in the northeast corner of the south island.

World Class Destination on our doorstep
Beautiful, friendly, safe, you don’t have to go far in a country the size of New Zealand to find everything that you’re looking for a great price. There are numerous festivals and events that will enhance your visit along with world class coffee and action packed attractions.

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