Kenya Safari


10 days | Departs Aug to Sep 2019 -
Imagine seeing wildlife—lion, zebra, giraffe, Cape buffalo, flamingo, elephant, and more—in their natural habitat. You can on this amazing safari through Kenya!

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17 days | Departs year round -
An unforgettable journey in South Africa, one of the world’s most exciting countries and a vast land of unimaginable beauty & a diversity of experiences.

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23 days | Departs year round -
A journey of discovery amid some of sub-Saharan Africa's most amazing attractions, including Kruger National Park, Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Namibia's desertscapes & Johannesburg.

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48 days | Departs 23 Jan 2020 -
Join us on the most popular cruise departing Australia in 2020! Sail across the Indian Ocean to Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, South Africa & Mauritius aboard the Sun Princess.

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